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E-Z PASS - NO CHANGES to an officially stamped 2016-17 EPYSA Outdoor Roster (no cross-outs/changes of any kind will be accepted). Only need to bring 2 copies of stamped roster to Team Registration Nights

All other rosters MUST be TYPED from PPR Soccer Website:

http://www.pprsoccer.com/indoor/Registration_Form.pdf (Indoor – Registration Information)

When completing the roster – ALL INFORMATION MUST be FILLED IN

No Team will be registered without a stamped 2016-17 EPYSA Coaches Pass – PPR Indoor Passes are not available to coaches (contact your club director for more information – must be done on EPYSA website)

Any player with a stamped 2016-17 EPYSA Player Pass or a Stamped 16-17 PPR Soccer League Pass (U8 Outdoor Players) will go on the top half of the roster – any player using a PPR Indoor Soccer Pass will go on the bottom half of the roster (these players are $8.00/player pass)

3 copies of the roster will be due at Team Registration Nights + proof of age for all players and a small picture for each player for player pass

Please be advised that there will be NO COMPUTER work done at Registration – ALL ROSTERS MUST BE TYPED or they will NOT BE ACCEPTED

New Team Registration

If you are registering a new team, you may follow the registration procedure above by typing in the names on the registration form from the web site.

You must bring age verification.

New Player Additions

Player additions must be put in the section on the roster form designated for player adds.

NEW PLAYERS (those who did not play in a fall sanctioned league): New players will only be issued the Indoor Soccer program tournament pass at a cost of $8.00 per/card no matter what association you are affiliated with. No new players will be registered unless the player-pass fee is paid at the time of registration, and the indoor soccer tournament card will be withheld until payment is received.